ISEG PERU SAC. is a company set up by three young businessmen, each one with a solid education in different professional branches. One of the partners and the operations manager have experience in the security field, having been in the Israel army and fought in the second Lebanon war; subsequently, he worked in security at the Ben Gurion international airport (Tel Aviv) and during two years he worked for the Israel ministry of defense. His education includes advanced dignitary protection course and security planning in huge events.

ISEG PERU SAC. is aware of the increase of present risks from its creation. Our country due to the economic growth has become a destination for foreign investment. A great number of artists, commercial centers, stores and big transnational companies have started their operations in Peru. This development is permanent in the last decade and needs reliable and professional companies that can guarantee said investments.

ISEG PERU SAC. specializes in providing consultancy in terms of security for companies, in the development of contingent and emergency plans for the same, providing protection to dignitaries, carrying out tailor-made security courses and training and creating protection plans for huge events.

ISEG PERU SAC. will evaluate the specific requirements of your company in terms of security, potential risks derived from your company’s activity and will suggest tailor-made solutions, which are intended to reduce them.

ISEG PERU SAC. understands that in the security field, the personnel under its supervision is the main asset that has, so that it puts a lot of effort into hiring the suitable personnel for the security and prevention job, training them according to the customer’s needs, keeping them motivated and updated in current global issues, latent risks, customer service, first-aid, among others.

Convinced of having your confidence, we put ourselves at your complete disposal for any question you may need.